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TN NAFTA Work Visa

General Information about TN NAFTA Work Visa: TN NAFTA Work Visas can only be obtained by citizens of Canada and Mexico. A citizen of a NAFTA […]


Work Visa

It is illegal to work in the United States without a visa or permit. This could lead to legal action against the person. Travelers are not allowed […]


B-2 US Visitor Visa Application

Eligibility requirements for Tourist Visa: Tourist visas are usually available to foreign nationals visiting the United States to enjoy leisure or tourism. B-2 Tourist Visas, also […]


R-1 Religious Work Visa

General Information about the Work Visa: Are you looking to travel to the United States, but aren’t sure what visa you will need? There are many […]


Nurse Work Visa

General Information about Registered Nurse Work Visa: In the past 20 years, the Registered Nurse Work Visa classification was changed many times. The Nursing Relief Act […]


H-3 Trainee Work Visa

H-3 Trainee visa General Information: H-3 Temporary Training Visas are issued by the United States to foreign nationals who want to travel to the United […]


B1-B2 Visas

Tourists to the US to visit for business or pleasure and citizens of participating countries in the VWP program do not need to apply for […]


Visa Renewal Guide

Holders of expired B-1 Tourist and B-2 Business visas can’t renew or extend their visas. U.S. Consulates and Embassies do not accept “visa renewal” requests. You must […]