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United States Immigration Services is a major publisher of immigration guides and legal eBooks. Our do-it-yourself immigration guides are designed to assist immigrants in navigating the complicated United States immigration system. We strive to provide the best information about immigration to the United States.


Interviews for Immigration

When one applies for a visa to the United States or an immigration benefit, the last stage is usually the interview. Many applicants wait years before […]


Business and Website Certifications

U.S. Immigration Support uses industry-standard technology in order to protect our customers’ billing and personal information. All information we receive is protected by our use of […]


Asylum and Refugee Application

Individuals who are being persecuted at home may be eligible to apply for asylum, refugee or temporary protected status in America. USCIS states that an individual […]


Case Status

As long as a Receipt number has been issued, individuals who have submitted an application at the USCIS can check the status of their application. Case […]


ITIN Application Guide

For foreign investors and visitors that owe taxes, but are not eligible to receive a Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification numbers were created. Recent scrutiny […]



The USCIS (or the United States Citizen and Immigration Service) is a Department within the Department of Homeland Security. The Homeland created the USCIS. Security Act […]


How to Immigrate to America

How to Immigrate To the United States Information and Application Guide was created to help future immigrants learn about U.S. immigration laws and determine how […]


Border Crossing Cards

A Border Crossing Card, which is issued by the Customs and Border Patrol or a United States State Consular Office to citizens and nationals of […]