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Interviews for Immigration


When one applies for a visa to the United States or an immigration benefit, the last stage is usually the interview. Many applicants wait years before their visa application is finally approved. The immigration interview is the crucial step that will decide whether or not a visa is granted. It is important for applicants to prepare for these interviews. This information guide is unique in that it provides a summary of visa requirements and a list of sample questions. It also contains the legal standards and guidelines derived from the training manuals of consular and immigration officers to assist them in adjudicating visa applications. This Information Guide will help visa applicants prepare for interviews and make them more successful.

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What's included

What's included

  • Overview of the U.S. Immigration System
  • Guidelines for interviewing U.S. visa applicants
  • Sample interview questions for various interview scenarios
  • Interviews for Tourist Visas and Business Visas
  • Interviews for Fiance and Work Visas
  • Interviews for student visas
  • Questions to ask during an interview for family-based applicants for green cards
  • Questions to ask in an interview for applicants seeking employment-based green cards

  • Questions for Asylum Interviews: Sample Interview Questions
  • Explanation of the standards and guidelines for immigration officers
  • Naturalization/citizenship interviews
  • How to prepare for the citizenship interview
  • List of documents required
  • Secondary inspection or deferred Inspection at the Port of Entry
  • The USCIS office locations in the United States
  • Information about how to download required immigration forms
Preparing for an interview with immigration officials involves more than organizing your documents and reviewing your application. You may also need to play with a friend about how to answer various questions. Understanding the laws and regulations governing immigration is key to effective interview preparation. The best way to prepare for an interview is to understand what the consulate or immigration officer wants. This will allow applicants be more detailed and complete in their answers. With this information, applicants can tell the consular or immigration officer their story and show that they are eligible for the visa.