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Deportation from the United States Guide


Before the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act was enacted (IIRAIRA), deportation was a legal process that involved individuals who were already in the United States. There was also "exclusion", which dealt with a foreign national trying to enter the United States. After the passage of IIRAIRA, both exclusion and deportation are now called "removal" procedures. A removal order is issued to anyone who is determined to be removable, and must leave the United States. Anyone who is not a citizen of the United States can be deported. Learn how to stop deportation from the United States by downloading the Deportation Information Guide.

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What's included

What's included

  • Overview of Deportation
  • Explanation of the differences between inadmissibility & deportability
  • Who can be deported?
  • One deportable crime
  • Steps in a case of deportation
  • How to prepare for court
  • Court: Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to appeal a deportation case that has been lost
  • What to do if an immigration hearing is missed
  • Green Card holders who may be deported can apply for U.S citizenship

  • Visa holders and deportation
  • Explanation for Voluntary Departure
  • Available waivers from deportation
  • Explanation and eligibility for Immigration Bonds
  • Information about deported persons who wish to return to the United States
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • List of all USCIS Offices in the Nation
  • Directory of U.S. Consulates and Embassies
  • How to get the most recent United States immigration forms


  • U.S. Immigration Support (this site) does not deal with deportation cases.
  • U.S. Immigration Support (this site) does not represent individuals in court.
  • U.S. Immigration Support (this site) publishes Deportation from The United States Information Guide. This information guide covers a variety of issues that relate to denial of entry into the United States as well as deportation from those countries. You can access the information guide for a nominal fee.
  • The Deportation from the United States Information Guide’s purchase price does not include attorney or filing fees.
  • Your immigration status in the United States is not affected by the purchase of the Deportation From the United States Information Guide.

Visa Holders & Denial of Entry

All visa holders must prove they are entering the United States only for legal purposes and they will be leaving according to the terms of their visa. However, in the event of an inspection at the U.S. Border, foreign nationals may be deemed “inadmissible” which means they will not be permitted entry to the U.S. These individuals can either withdraw their application for admission or are denied entry and must leave immediately.

Visa Holders and Removal

Non-permanent residents (visa holder) can be deported or expelled from the United States for the most common reasons.

Green card holders and denial of entry

There are many scenarios that could result in the United States refusing to allow you into their country. If lawful permanent residents have been in the United States for a prolonged period, they should be ready to show evidence at the port that they had a consistent and unbroken intention to return.
Deportation and Green Card Holders: U.S. Citizenship applicants who have been granted a Green Card could be deported if a background check is done during naturalization. If a person is already in removal proceedings, withdrawing a citizenship request will not stop them from being deported. A serious crime is the most common reason permanent residents or Green Card holders are removed from the United States. Learn more about Green Card holders and how to deport them in the Deportation From the United States Information Guide.