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Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence (Green Card)


Two types of Green Card are available: Green Card through Marriage or Green Card through Investment. These two types are known as Conditional Green Cards. To maintain legal resident status in America, the conditions must be lifted after a specified time. Failure to follow the regulations of the United States can lead to severe consequences, including deportation. To ensure compliance, it is recommended that you order the Guide to Remove Conditions from a Permanent Resident Card Application guide.

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What's included

What's included

  • Overview of Conditional Green Card
  • There is a difference between a permanent and conditional Green Card
  • Traveling with a conditional green card
  • Conditions removed from a Green Card acquired through marriage
  • Removing conditions from a Green Card acquired through Investment
  • Green Card Holders – Change of Address Instructions
  • How to Preserve Your Residence for Naturalization Purposes
  • U.S.¬†Citizenship overview

  • Dual Citizenship overview
  • Information about eligibility
  • List of Documents Required
  • Information about Filing Fees
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • List of all USCIS Offices in the Nation
  • Directory of U.S. Consulates and Embassies
  • Directory of U.S. Consulates and Embassies
Removing conditions on a conditional Green Card is a different process than removing conditional status from a Green Card through Marriage. Failure to request the removal of conditions within a given time frame will result in the Green Card being canceled and the bearer being deemed “Out of Status.” USCIS will then initiate removal proceedings against him. After the application has been approved, the Permanent Green Card will be issued to the applicant. It must be renewed every ten year. Green Card holders retain their foreign citizenship. They are required to carry their Green Card and passport abroad. To avoid losing their permanent resident status, Card holders must also comply with specific residency requirements.

Removing Conditions for a Green Card acquired through Marriage

Green Card holders who are married to U.S citizens must attend an interview to be eligible to have their conditions removed. The couple must show that they are married and living together. Interviews are conducted to confirm that the couple entered into a marriage in good faith, and not for immigration benefits. Congress established the requirement that marital interviews must take place after two years of marriage in 1986. The USCIS requires those who received Green Cards by marriage to attend interviews in order to uncover fake marriages.
Removing Conditions for a Green Card acquired through Investment
Individuals who have received a conditional green card through Investment must prove that their investment and business are viable. Tax returns and audited financial statements are examples of evidence that might be required.

Green Card holders who plan to apply for U.S citizenship must meet a residency requirement

It does not count toward the residency requirement for time spent abroad. Green Card holders can submit an “Application To Preserve Residence For Naturalization Purposes” to get more information on traveling with a Green Card.
The Remove Condition on Permanent Residence Application Guide explains everything you need to know to comply with USCIS regulations regarding conditional Green Cards.