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Green Card through Marriage to Green Card Holder



 The sponsoring spouse (legally-married husband or wife) may be either a U.S. citizen (Green Card holder) or a permanent resident (Green Card holder). You can download the application guide here if the sponsoring spouse holds a Green Card. If the sponsoring spouse is a U.S citizen, however, you can download the "Green Card through marriage to a U.S Citizen Application Guide".

To be able to work and live permanently in the United States, a foreign national must first become a permanent residence. A marriage to an already permanent resident of the U.S. is one way to get a green card or permanent resident status. As long as the spouses or children of permanent residents are eligible and their permanent resident husbands/wives are willing to sponsor them, they can apply for green cards. The Green Card through Marriage to a Green Card holder Application Guide will help you understand the requirements to be eligible for a Green card through marriage to a permanent citizen in the United States. This guide will also help you to apply for a Green card through a sponsoring spouse.

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What's included

What's included

  • How to obtain a Green Card for a spouse (Green Card holder) who is a U.S. permanent residence
  • How to get a Green Card through marriage to a Green Card holder
  • When the spouse or husband is a permanent resident, it is possible to apply for a Green Card.
  • Instructions and procedures for applying
  • How to file the petition.
  • How to obtain a temporary work permit during processing of your application
  • How to appeal against a negative decision regarding the Green Card Application
  • How to get the most recent United States immigration forms

  • How to submit the application within the United States
  • How to send an application from an Embassy/Consulate overseas
  • List of Documents Required
  • How to get rid of the 2-year conditional residence status
  • Information about Filing Fees
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • List of all USCIS Offices in the Nation
  • How to get the most recent United States immigration forms
If a foreign citizen marries a U.S. citizen, or permanent resident, he or she can be granted permanent residence in the United States. The spouse/fiancee must be able to sponsor the green card applicant and have the financial resources to support the husband or wife of a U.S. citizen. To be eligible for a Green card through sponsorship by a permanent-resident spouse or husband, there are no educational requirements.