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Green Card Renewal


You can renew your green card every ten years. You do not have to surrender your citizenship in your home country to obtain a Green Card or live in the United States territory.

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You don’t need to give up your citizenship.

You can renew your green card every ten years. You do not have to surrender your citizenship in your home country to obtain a Green Card or live in the United States territory.

You can easily travel to the US.

It is easy to travel to the United States using a Green Card. Green Card holders are legal permanent residents and can enter and leave the country at their will. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may inspect you upon your return from the United States. However, other than that, you are free to travel within the country.

Family and Friends

The family members of green card holders enjoy many benefits. To help their family members obtain green cards, they can also sponsor their spouses or children. They can also apply to permanent residency for distant relatives, such as parents and siblings.

Federal Benefits

The federal government offers a variety of benefits to green card holders. If they have worked in the system, they can apply for social security benefits and Medicare. After five years of being a green card holder, they can sponsor their family members and apply for U.S. citizenship.

Occupation Opportunities

The United States offers many employment opportunities to green card holders. They can work in any occupation and not be restricted to specific industries or sectors as a lawful permanent resident. They may also open their own business or become self-employed.

Participation in politics is possible, but not voting.

The United States allows green card holders to vote in certain areas of U.S. politics. If they meet the requirements for voting in the state where they live, they can vote in local and state elections. Green card holders cannot vote in federal elections such as the presidential and congressional elections. Only U.S. citizens can vote in these elections.

You cannot be deported to your country of birth.

In most cases, green card holders are exempt from deportation. They cannot be deported from the United States if they don’t commit any crimes that would render them ineligible for permanent residency or violate their green card terms. Green card holders may still be deported if they are found guilty of criminal activity or a security risk.