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Green Card Information Guide


This guide contains information for both current Green Card holders as well as individuals who want to learn more about the rights and obligations that come with being a permanent resident of the United States. Although this guide does not contain actual Green Card applications, it contains all the information you need about Green Card, information regarding conditional Green Cards and reentry permits. It also explains how to extend your stay outside the United States.

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What's Included

What's Included

  • Information on traveling with a Conditional Green Card
  • Information on traveling with a Permanent Green Card
  • Information about the reentry permits that Green Card holders can use to travel long distances outside of the United States.
  • What is the maximum time that Green Card holders can stay in the United States?
  • How to apply for a Reentry Permit while you are still in the United States
  • How to apply abroad for a reentry visa
  • How to keep your residency safe for naturalization purposes

  • How to submit “Application To Preserve Residence For Naturalization Purposes”
  • Information on the status of commuters for Canadian and Mexican citizens who work in the U.S.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • List of all USCIS Offices in the Nation
  • Directory of U.S. Consulates and Embassies
  • How to get the most recent United States immigration forms
A Green Card, also known as Permanent Resident Card, is proof that an individual is a legal permanent resident in the United States. A Green Card holder has the right to work and live permanently in the United States. Green Card holders must comply with all federal regulations and register with the United States government. Green Card holders can leave the United States for vacation or work purposes. There are restrictions on the time an immigrant can remain outside the United States. A document, known as a “Reentry Permit”, must be obtained by the USCIS before an immigrant can travel.

Green Card Holders are eligible for reentry permits

Green Card holders are not eligible to obtain a permit for reentry when they travel abroad. A “Reentry Permit” is not required for citizens of the United States and nonimmigrants.
A reentry permit is required to maintain an alien’s permanent resident status (Green Card). Green Card holders who leave the United States for an extended period of time without obtaining a permit to reenter may lose their Green Cards. All permanent residents need to be aware that there are specific requirements when traveling abroad with their Green Card. The Green Card Information Guide provides detailed information about how long Green Card holders can stay in the United States without losing their Green Card privileges. It also contains information on how to apply for a reentry permit if you are staying longer than the allowed time.
For individuals who are planning to leave the United States for more than a specified time, they will need to apply for and receive a special travel document called a reentry permit. An individual can leave the U.S. provided that the application has been submitted in the United States. If you apply in advance and leave the country before your permit is approved, the application document could be denied. This can create problems when you return to the country. Although it is possible to get a return resident visa, this is not always possible.

Important Notice to Green Card Holders who plan on applying for U.S. Citizenship:

A residency requirement is required before a Green Card holder can apply to become a citizen of the United States. This requirement does not include time spent abroad. Green Card holders who are abroad for extended periods of time may be unable to maintain their residency. The residency requirement for naturalization does not apply to the time spent abroad. It is possible to submit an “Application To Preserve Residence For Naturalization Purposes”.