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Guide to applying for Social Security Card


The Social Security Card Application Guide provides a comprehensive and informative guide to Social Security. It includes everything an applicant should know about applying for this vital documentation.

  • Start Application Immediately
  • Easy to Understand Instructions
  • Apply Online or by Mail
  • Pricing and Fee Information Included
  • Checklist of Required Documents
  • Unlimited Online Support

What's included

What's included

  • Social Security’s Purpose
  • Why get a Social Security Number?
  • Information about eligibility for U.S citizens and permanent residents (Green Card holders).
  • Information about eligibility for students, temporary workers and visitors
  • How to apply for Social Security numbers as part of the immigration process
  • How to apply to Social Security after arriving in the United States

  • There are differences in the types of Social Security Cards issued to U.S. citizens as well as foreigners.
  • Application requirements for Social Security Number
  • Description of the application process
  • Contact information for the Social Security Administration (IRS)
  • How to get free Social Security Application Forms
  • Information about ITIN for those who aren’t eligible for Social Security Numbers


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Information about Social Security The Social Security system was established in the 1930s to provide financial aid to the elderly and disabled. To contribute to the fund, both employees and employers must pay social security taxes. Every citizen of the United States and Green Card holder has a unique social insurance number. This is used to keep track of the funds being set up, and to distribute benefits to those who have the right to them.
Students, temporary visitors, and workers with non-immigrant visas may also be allowed to apply for a Social Security Number. The Social Security card in the United States is an important document. It is a document that entitles individuals to certain benefits after retirement. Employers, banks, schools, and the USCIS all use it as an identification card. Social Security is complex and linked to many private and government databases.
Social Security Card Eligibility requirements: Anyone looking to work in the United States must have a Social Security Number and a Social Security Card. When filing taxes, a Social Security Number is required. A Social Security card is not available to everyone. Social security cards are typically only available to U.S. citizens, permanent resident, Green Card holders, or individuals who have permission to work in the United States. There are two types of social security cards. One is for Americans with work authorization and one for foreigners on temporary visas. The following restrictions are included on these Social Security Cards.
Important: Individuals not eligible for a Social Security Number may apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer ID Number).