K-1 Fiancée and Fiancé Visa Application Guide

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Quick Overview

United States citizens who wish to bring their prospective husbands or wives to the United States with the intention of getting married may use the K-1 Fiancée/Fiancé visa. A petition with the USCIS on behalf of the foreign fiancé(e) must be filed by the United States citizen and if approved then the fiancé(e) can obtain a K-1 Fiancé Visa. The couple must be married within 90 days of the fiancé(e) entering the United States. The fiancé(e) is considered a non-immigrant until the marriage takes place. The foreign national may apply for Green Card through Marriage to become a United States citizen after the marriage takes place. Minor children of the K-1 visa holder can obtain K-2 visas which allow them to enter the United States.
Overview of Contents
  • Overview of the K-1 Visa Application Process
  • K-1 Visa Eligibility Information
  • Application Procedures for the USCIS Petition
  • Application Procedures for K-1 Visa at a U.S. Embassy of Consulate
  • Drawbacks and Benefits of K-1 Visa
  • List of Required Documents for K-1 Visa
  • Photo Requirements
  • Information on Visa Filing Fees
  • How to Apply for a K-2 dependent visa for the minor children of the K-1 visa holder
  • How to Apply for a Green Card after the marriage takes place in the U.S.
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for the Visa Interview
  • Learn what to do if your application is denied
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about K-1 Fiancée and Fiancé Visa
  • List of USCIS Offices in the United States
  • List of U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad
  • All required immigration forms are included

Product Description

The K-1 Fiancée and Fiancé Visa Application Guide contains all the eligibility requirements and application procedures to apply for a K-1 visa. Download the guide and apply today!

What is the different between Fiancée and Fiancé?
  • A Fiancée is a woman to whom a man is engaged to be married.
  • A Fiancé is a man to whom a woman is engaged to be married.