B-1 Business Visa Application Guide

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Quick Overview

If you travel to the United States for business purposes, such as meeting and conferences, you may qualify for a B-1 Business Visa. The maximum length of stay for persons admitted on a B-1 visa is 6 months. The majority of visitors have their I-94 cards stamped with a 6-month stay, but the immigration officer has the right to issue a shorter stay and the officer at the port of entry makes the determination on how long each visitor is allowed to stay in the country. The foreign visitor has the right to request an extension of stay upon entry into the United States.
Overview of Contents
  • Overview of the B-1 Business Visa Application Process
  • Business Visa Eligibility
  • Application Procedures for B-1 Business Visa
  • Submitting a B-1 Business Visa Application Online
  • Detailed Form DS-160 instructions
  • Business Visa Photo Requirements
  • Information on the Visa Waiver Program (citizens of certain countries qualify)
  • List of Required Documents for B-1 Business Visa
  • Information on USA Visa Filing Fees
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for the USA Business Visa Interview
  • Learn what to do if your application is denied
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for U.S. visas
  • List of USCIS Offices in the United States
  • List of U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad
  • All required immigration forms are included

Product Description

The B-1 Visa can be used for lawful business related activities including:
  • Presenting a lecture
  • For independent research at an educational institution or scientific institution
  • Sporting event participation
  • Voluntary service program participation
  • Attending a conference, seminar or convention for educational, scientific or business purposes
Important Warning for Business Visa Holders Generally those individuals with B1 visas may not get salaries or other income from U.S. sources. A different kind of visa is required for temporary work in the United States such as an H-1B or H-2B Visa.