Form G-325A, Biographic Information

Form G-325A

Form G-325A is used to provide biographic and background information of an immigrant or non-immigrant alien. Form G-325A may be required for the immigrant alien and the sponsoring fiance, spouse or family member. Form G-325A is submitted in connection with application for, Citizenship Naturalization, Adjustment of Status (from temporary to permanent), Fiance Visa, and Family Based Green Card.

Personal background information is required by Form G-325A including applicant's full name, gender, birth date, nationality, A File Number (if applicable), other names used, present spouse information, previous spouse information, applicant's place of residence for previous five years, application's last address outside the United States of more than one year (this information may overlap with applicant's residence of past five years) applicant's employment for previous five years, and applicant's last occupation abroad.

Form G-325A requires applicant's employment information for the previous five years. The applicant must list the present employer first then all previous employers in reverse chronological order. If the applicant was unemployed, self-employed or a homemaker, indicate that information on Form G-325A. It is important that the applicant not leave anything blank. The applicant should list all employers on Form G-325A even if he or she worked in the United States illegally during the five year period.

Line 10 on Form G-325A requires the form to be signed by the applicant in his or her original native script. If the applicant's native alphabet uses non-Roman letters (such as Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or Hebrew), the applicant must write his or her name and address in that script.