Form G-325, Biographic Information

Form G-325

Form G-325 is required to be included with an application or petition submitted to a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (UNCIS). Form G-325 is filed only as instructed on another Immigration application or petition. Form G-325 is used provide the United States with information about the person completing the form. Form G-325 requests basic information about the identity of the alien, where he or she has lived and worked and with whom he or she has been married. If the alien has a sponsor, both the alien and the sponsor need to fill out separate Forms G-325, sign and include all Forms G-325 in the same application packet.

Form G-325 requests information including name, gender, date of birth and all other names used. Form G-325 also requires the alien and/or sponsor to indicate their Social Security number and/or Alien number. Form G-325 requests parental details, as well as current and former marriages. The alien or sponsor signing Form G-325 must also fill out a complete Employment History section. It is important that the signee of Form G-325 indicate his or her purpose in the submission of the form or the petition will be denied. Finally, the alien and/or sponsor is required to fill out two additional and identical Forms G-325, sign all forms, have them all notarized and attach the forms to the petition or application for which it is being submitted.