Form DS-3035, J-1 Visa Waiver Recommendation Application

Form DS-3035

Form DS-3035 is used by J-1 Visa Holders to request additional time to stay in the United States.

J-1 visa holders may be allowed to stay in the United States for up to seven years. J-1 visa allows the US to attract certain professionals – such as medical graduates – into the United States to fill certain professional vacancies. Once the J-1 visa expires, the visa holder must return to his or her country for at least two years before applying for permanent residency or another visa in the United States. However, Form DS-3035, J-1 Visa Waiver Review Application Immigration Form excuses a J-1 visa holder from the required trip to his or her native country.

With Form DS-3035, a J-1 visa holder may continue in the United States without having to return to their home country. For the J-1 visa holder, there is no delay in applying for permanent residency if he or she is eligible. Form DS-3035 Visa Waiver Recommendation encourages more needed professionals to remain in the United States.

Form DS-3035 requires a statutory basis for the request. Statutory basis under Form DS-3035 may include:

1) A No Objection Letter, which is a letter from the host government, stating that there is no objection to granting a visa waiver.

2) An International Government Agency Waiver, which is a request made on the applicant's behalf from a United States Government agency.

3) An Asylum Waiver, claiming that the Form DS-3035 applicant will face persecution if he or she returns to their native country.

4) A Hardship Waiver, which shows that without the granting of a waiver, considerable hardship to a United States permanent resident, spouse or child or a US citizen, spouse or child.