Form DS-3032, Choice of Address and Agent


Form DC-3032 is used for an alien who is applying for an immigrant to notify the United States Department of State his or her choice for appointment of agent or attorney to receive mail concerning his or her application. Form DS-3032 requires the name of the agent or attorney who is selected by the Form DS-3032 applicant. Also, as indicated on Form DS-3032 an alien seeking immigration to the United States may also choose to not appoint an agent or an attorney to receive mail about his or her application. In the case of the prospective immigrant choosing to not appoint an agent or attorney in the United States to receive correspondence about his or her application, the Form DC-3032 applicant must provide a mailing address where he or she can receive correspondence.

Additionally, for those aliens who have already legally migrated to the United States, Form DS-3032 allows the alien to notify the Department of State the he or she no longer needs to apply for an immigrant visa. He or she must indicate which office he or she has received their green card and provide their A number as well where required on Form DS-3032.