Form AR-11 Alien's Registration Card

Form AR-11

Form AR-11 is the form required by the Citizenship and Immigration services to report a change of address for any alien in the United States. The alien must sign Form AR-11 and report any new address and the length of time he or she intends to remain at the new address. Form AR-11 is required for all aliens including those who have already attained Permanent Resident status in the United States. All immigrants must file a Form AR-11 including those seeking Permanent Residency by marriage or other family sponsored Permanent Residency. Aliens seeking temporary visas (including but not limited to tourist, business, work, and student visas) are required to file a File AAR-11. Aliens seeking immigrant visas (i.e., applying for permanent residency of the United States without time limitations) are also required to file Form AR-11 in a timely manner upon change of address.

All immigrant aliens are required to file a change of address with the filing of Form AR-11 within ten days of a change of address. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services uses the information provided by the alien in Form AR-11 for statistical and record purposes. Failure to report a change of address with the filing of Form AR-11 is a serious offense and may result in a fine, or imprisonment and removal of the non-complying alien.